lakeitha duncan

A weight loss coach who believes you can create an amazing life AND lose weight at the same time.

In 2013, I felt stuck in my life.  I was miserable in my marriage, being a stay at home to three young children, and not having a career path.  It seemed as if life was passing me by.

After weighing in at 280lbs, I was truly disgusted with myself.  I sought outside attention from others to feel validated and worthy.  That didn't work, but the frustration from feeling unseen fueled my weight loss journey to lose 100lbs in a year.
I succeeded.

A few years after losing 100lbs, I realized it wasn't just a weight problem that I had, but an issue with my self-image. 

After losing the weight, I decided to bet on myself and see what else I was capable of.  I left my marriage and set out on a journey of self discovery.  

On that journey, I discovered that I still struggled with not enoughness.  

The weight started to come back, I made decisions that did not serve me, and I sat feeling stuck once again in life.

I had to change my self-image

It was at my lowest point that I realized I had to change who I was BEING in order to change my life.

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Based in Atlanta, Lakeitha holds a certification in weight loss and life coaching.  

Lakeitha is able to help guide women to their desired results because she had to first apply the tools she teach in her own life.  She stands with certainty that what she teaches work because she is an example of what is possible when you do the work. 

"It's never the actions you take that are the most profound, but the thoughts you think instead."
- Lakeitha




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