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Are you tired of struggling with weight loss, feeling stuck, and longing for a more fulfilling and intentional life?  It's time to take charge of your journey and embark on a transformational path that combines the power lifestyle changes, elevating your self-image, and intentional living.

But if you’re anything like me, you’d prefer to stop driving yourself crazy trying to do all the things, and instead, do the things that will get you real results.

I’m Lakeitha Duncan, certified life and weight loss coach, but before I was any of that, I was just like you. 

When I was 280lbs, it felt like life around me was going a mile a minute and I desperately wanted everything to just STOP so that I could simply catch up.  Don’t believe me? Watch this short video from back then.

Once I cracked the code on what it took to become unstuck and live a life I looked forward to waking up to everyday,  I promised myself that I would make it my mission to share what I’ve learned with every woman that was willing to listen.


real results

" It saved my life and not just the weight loss, because that came naturally."

I’ve struggled with my weight from a child. Not feeling good about myself or if I belonged. I’ve followed Lakeitha for years and decided to join her group in May 2020. This has been my best decision. I didn’t look at it as another weight loss group, but as a new beginning to learn who I am. The teachings were more than I could ever imagine. I took notes and implemented her teachings in every aspect of my life. It saved my life and not just the weight loss, because that came naturally. Her teaching is everything and you can’t put a dollar amount on that, because I could never be able to pay her for what I have gained.

It’s more than weight loss. It’s about living your life on purpose!!



"The clarity and simplicity of how to view weight loss was life changing."

You name it, I’ve done it to lose weight but I could never reach my ultimate goal or keep any of the weight off. I came to Coach group after watching her journey for years. Clearly everything I have been doing has not worked so I came in ready for change. My mind was blown from the first LIVE meeting with Coach. The clarity and simplicity of how to view weight loss was life changing. I cannot count the amount of a-ha moments I’ve had and continue to have with Coach. I love the way that she go through the trenches with you and not lead from afar. I am now at my weight goal and more confident than ever! The life and weight loss tools I have received from Coach is priceless and I am forever grateful!

-Nisha M


"God gives her the gift to climb mountains as a blessing to show others it can be done."

Nothing is an accident, as I started up, it was nowhere near as easy of a walk that her cute sweaty posts made it seem like it was. As I made it to the steepest part of the hike I considered turning around...then I saw her. I knew who she was but she had no idea who I was. The real test of character is how you act when no one is looking. When you're not "on"...that day she was being herself. She had completed the climb and was on her way down, she noticed me struggling and offered to take on the steepest part back up with me. Not because I followed her. Not because I was a part of her challenge group. Only because she saw me and saw I needed support. I didn't even tell her how I knew who she was until we were at the top. A perfect example of her commitment to others. After losing 100lbs she was pretty close to the top, though we all know this journey is for a lifetime. In her challenge groups, coaching groups and personally, she's still willing to go back up the hill and re-experience the most difficult parts with you...because God gives her the gift to climb mountains as a blessing to show others it can be done. 

-Lacresha L


"She helps you with your mindset. She helps you dig deep into the root of the problem."

My experience with Coach Lakeitha has been amazing! People think when losing weight it’s about working out and what you’re eating, but we are mistaken. With Lakeitha’s program, she helps you with your mindset. She helps you dig deep into the root of the problem. Anyone can give you a meal plan and calculate your macros… What you need to ask yourself is are they helping me with my thoughts? That is what Lakeitha does. Her teaching applies to all areas of your life. You do the thought work and you see major results. I am a work in progress and I have to continue to do the work, but I am well equipped to do this work after being apart of this program. I have loss weight before and gained it back, but this time it’s different, I am doing the work she taught me to control my feelings/thoughts and to sit with them. She has made me a better person physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have lost a total of 45lbs on this program. Thank you Lakeitha for continuing to allow God to use you to help women like myself. I will continue to show up and work for my future self!

-Destinee W


let's be real.


It’s not fair that everyone else’s goals and happiness is coming before yours.  You should not be #2 in your own life!  You should not be looking in the mirror everyday and not recognizing the person looking back at you.  

What if you didn't have to?



Show up powerfully and confidently in your life right now


Stop self-sabotaging


Release physical and mental weight that you've been holding on to for years


Finally get unstuck once and for all

this is for you.



A boutique coaching membership for women that want to take their well-being journey to the next level and live a more intentional life.

your membership includes

Monthly Classes

Each month, we focus on a singular topic that will assist you in establishing a life-long change in one of the core pillars of the collective.  The topics range from self-love, decluttering your life and home, purposeful goal-setting, reinventing yourself, setting boundaries, and more!

Live Coaching Calls

Each month, get a workbook to help you taking the lesson deeper and track your progress, align your mindset, and accomplish the focus goals.

Live Coaching Calls

Don't go it alone. Join Lakeitha, invited wellness experts, and your fellow members in a LIVE coaching call and a LIVE Q&A call each month where you'll be able to experience getting coached directly on whatever challenges you may be facing .

Her teaching applies to all areas of your life. You do the thought work and 

you see major results.

- Destinee W

At The Studio Self, my mission is to empower the whole woman by zeroing in on three crucial areas: Her Being, Her Environment, Her Style, and Her Self-Care habits.

What’s the point in teaching you how lose physical weight if I can’t help you understand what’s truly weighing you down?  The weight we carry on our body is often times a result of the weight we carry in our mind.  As women, our worlds rest upon our shoulders, so if I can show you how your lifestyle can be elevated in a way that will relieve you of some of the stress of your day to day, physical weight loss will follow. 

With this membership:


+ Elevate your mindset and live more intentionally 

+ Lose weight with ease

+ Be number one in your life 

+ Have confidence in yourself that you never knew was possible

want something like that?

let's do this thing →

The clarity and simplicity of how to view weight loss was

 life changing

- Nisha M



I can't wait to help you achieve your goals and live your life on purpose.