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For almost a decade, I've been coaching women to live the life they desire on purpose while also releasing weight.  

Hi, I'm lakeitha

I bet you didn’t expect to hear that coming from me, did ya?

Food is just food.

It’s the way we consume food that determines the results of it in our body.

When we change our mindset around food, and focus on adding instead of subtracting foods from our daily routines, we will change our relationship to eating and nutrition in general.

So yeah, you can eat oatmeal raisin cookies, ice cream, and nachos if that’s what you choose, but answer this: how much do you think you will desire those things if you filled up on fruits, vegetables, protein, and drinking loads of water during the day?

When foods like chips and cookies are what we’re use to consuming most days of our lives, those become the foods that we naturally gravitate to. But you can naturally gravitate towards healthier foods if you choose them more.

You can change your tastebuds and that’s exactly how you do it… simply by giving more nutritious foods equal airtime.

Your diet is entirely up to you. And when I use the word diet, I’m simply referring to the food you eat. You can definitely have a diet of whatever you love and still be in alignment of reaching your weight loss goal.

What Does Giving Nutritious Foods Equal Airtime Look Like For Me?

My personal journey with food is very simple. I love carbs as much as the next person, but I’ve come to realize that they just don’t work well in my body.

Because of that, I don’t choose to eat them daily. My focus is more on protein, healthy fats, low glycemic fruits and vegetables, and some nuts and seeds.

But I do know what my favorite cookies taste like and I do LOVE some nachos, so I do allow myself to have some from time to time.

My body responds very well to that system and I never feel deprived or like I’m stuck to eating in a way that is restrictive or based off someone else’s beliefs.

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